Pfizer's vaccine, which started its first vaccination yesterday (27th), is still being vaccinated for Corona 19 medical staff today.

The number of vaccinations today is expected to be about 200.

Let’s connect the reporters who are on the scene.

Reporter Park Soo-jin, please tell us the situation.


Yes, I am at the National Medical Center where Pfizer vaccination is in progress.

The yellow building inside the iron gate behind me is the central vaccination center where vaccinations are in progress.

Vaccinations have been in progress here today at 10 am, and the vaccinations are scheduled to take place until 4 pm.

As I heard about it from the field, it is expected that a total of 200 people will be vaccinated here today, including medical staff at the National Medical Center.

A total of 1,217 people were vaccinated yesterday, including 300 Pfizer vaccines, the KCDC said.

The count of adverse reactions after vaccination is scheduled to be announced around 2 pm.

There were cases where the injection site was slightly stiff or temporarily complained of dizziness, but there were no major adverse reactions.

Pfizer's vaccine, which entered Korea yesterday, is targeting 55,000 medical staff and workers at corona patients treatment hospitals and life treatment centers.

Pfizer vaccines, which need to be stored in cryogenic conditions, are being carried out only at the central vaccination and prevention center here, and from the 3rd of next month, they will also be carried out at vaccination centers in different regions such as Chungcheong and Honam.

Like AstraZeneca, Pfizer's vaccine requires two doses. The first dose is scheduled to be completed by March 20th and the second dose is scheduled to be completed by April 10th.