Two months after I was recalled because of a problem with the vehicle brake, there was a report that the brakes were not working, which almost lead to an accident.

This time, it is not a problem with the brakes, it is because the control unit is broken and braking is not possible.

This is Yoo Su-hwan.


Last week, Ho-


Hyun, who lives in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, suffered a dizzying job on his way to work.

The brakes suddenly stopped working in the middle of the road while driving.

[Hyunho-Seok / Reporter: As the distance from the car in front of you was getting closer, the smart sensor was'beep' and asked to check the battery.

I took the brakes.

I don't have any brakes.

I was embarrassed and said,'Oh, you're dead now!'



Fortunately, the speed was around 50-60 km/h.

[Hyunho-Seok / Reporter: It's a mess because the car in front went out all the time. I turned off the engine and turned it on again, so I don't eat anything.

There is no gear.

I can't accelerate, turn the engine off, turn it on, and repeat it about 10 times.] The

road where the accident occurred has a slight slope as you can see.

The vehicle running on the 1st lane slowed down, and it reached the 4th lane and managed to stop.

As a result of the confirmation of Hyundai Motor Company's Suwon office, it was revealed that a control device called ECU, that is, a device that acts like a human brain, was broken.

[Hyundai Motor Suwon Office: I have an ECU.

It's a (so-called) computer.

There was something wrong with the controlling module, so a problem occurred and the entire system was locked.]

Hyun-san had already received a brake recall in December of last year, but he is in anguish saying that the brakes have been jammed again due to a problem with the control device.

[Hyunho-seok/Reporter: Two months ago, I recalled that it was a brake adjusting device.

Also, because the brakes were not available, I was so surprised that my heart beats and my legs were fluffy...


Experts point out that a detailed investigation is necessary, not just a single failure case.

[Park Byeong-il/Master of automobile: It is important not to just go over this from the company, but to collect it from the manufacturer and analyze it again and analyze the cause if any problem occurs...


(Video coverage: Kim Seong-il·Park Hyun-cheol, Video editing: Kim Ho-jin)