Reporter Nam Joo-hyun of the health care team is here.

Q. The third day of vaccination...

When will the confirmed cases decrease?

[Reporter Nam Joo-hyun: First, in countries that are in a hurry to vaccination, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Israel, the number of confirmed cases has already turned to a decline since last month.

However, it is a little difficult to affirm that this is the vaccination effect, because several variables such as strong movement restrictions, wearing a mask, and the weather act at the same time.

However, the actual effectiveness of the vaccine recently analyzed by the UK government showed that the risk of infection was lowered by more than 70% after 3 weeks of Pfizer vaccination and by 85% after the second vaccination.

The effectiveness of the AstraZeneca vaccine is being analyzed, but initial analysis shows that this vaccine is also effective in preventing infection.

As mentioned earlier, it is difficult to predict the time of reduction of confirmed cases due to various variables, but we must continue to adhere to the quarantine rules because we can achieve collective immunity only in November.]

Q. Germany, 65 years or older, AZ vaccination permit Should I do it?

[Reporter Joo-Hyun Nam: It is an analysis that the results of Scottish studies that have been delivered several times in the news have had an impact.

Four weeks after Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccination across all age groups, the risk was reduced by 85% and 94%, respectively. Unlike in clinical trials, 65% of the vaccination groups included in this study were aged 65 or older.

Rather than waiting for the results of additional clinical trials, we should rush to vaccination for the elderly who are most susceptible to Corona 19 by actively accepting the data that analyzed these actual effects.]

Q. The U.S. FDA approved the emergency use of Janssen's vaccine, which was initiated by the Food and Drug Administration, right?

[Reporter Joo-Hyun Nam: This vaccine can be expected to prevent 72% of Corona 19 with only one dose in the US clinical results.

Like the AstraZeneca vaccine, it can be stored between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius.

Korea currently has 6 million Janssen vaccines.

This vaccine will be available from the second quarter.]