The food delivery offer continues to grow and you have to keep trying.

This time we bring three different but equally appetizing proposals.


This place of the Ramsés Group came to the Plaza de la Independencia to give a cañi and hooligan touch to the environment.

Its beautiful terrace and its careful interior design (signed by the Grammy-winning artist Sergio Mora) made it after confinement one of the most visited places in the area.

Now, with home delivery, they want to take their letter - and their good vibes - home.

At the moment, they offer the best-selling dishes, such as the Joselito ham croquettes, the salad, the octopus, the fritters, the squid, the potato omelette, the lamb chops with chili or the sea bass with green bean cream and mushrooms , to name a few.

It can be ordered every day, from 12.00 to 23.00, through the restaurant's website.

Deliveries are made in a maximum of half an hour.

Average price: 30 euros.

The cooked maragato has three turns.



the cocido maragato that they propose in this house, which has gained a very good reputation in the three months that the service has been operating.

It is made up of three turns: it starts with a selection of meats from the maragatería (black pudding, ear, leg, rib, snout, chorizo ​​...);

From here we go to Ecuador with the Pico Pardal chickpeas, a variety from the León area that is small and tasty, which are accompanied with collard greens and a rich sauce.

The third turn is starred in the noodle soup, which is made at the moment.

Abuela Maragata's offer focuses on quality Leonese and Castilian products.

The empanadas, the maragato hummus and the potato omelette are very tasty.

They distribute through the web, on all platforms and by telephone, both in León (Plaza Mayor, 28. Tel .: 640 82 15 61) and in Madrid (Avenida de Badajoz, 3. Tel .: 688 72 07 88) .

Price of the stew with dessert per person: 24 euros.

Abanda rice from Abanda Rice shops.


If this weekend your body asks you to look at the Mediterranean, here is your delivery.

The rices are prepared in their workshop one by one with care, over a low heat and waiting for them to reach boiling point.

They use Molino Roca rice, the one chosen by the great chefs.

Specifically, the variety 'Bombita by Torca', which makes the grain remain loose and maintain consistency after cooking.

They have classics, but also author.

Abanda rice, with squid and peeled shrimp, is one of the most popular;

The seafood and vegetables are also excellent options.

For the riskiest, octopus rice, smoked bacon and thin slices of San Simón cheese.

They arrive with an impeccable presentation at their destination and recommend that you have the oven on to give it a final touch of one minute.

Address: Menorca, 25. Orders are placed on its website.

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