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Harassed, humiliated

and, to top it off,


by her own neighbors.

This is how

Nevenka Fernández


in 2000 when she reported that she had been the victim of sexual harassment by her boss.

She, councilor for the Treasury in the Ponferrada (León) City Council, took

Ismael Álvarez, the mayor

of said municipality

, to court




, the

three-episode documentary miniseries that Netflix premieres on March 5

, everything starts with the press conference that this young woman gave 21 years ago.

A very hard moment in which the 26-year-old economist made public

"hell" (as she admits in the documentary) that she lived

months after having had a romantic relationship with

Ismael Álvarez


Image of the promotional poster.


Handwritten notes, cell phone messages, letters and public contempt were the

'weapons' used by the councilor to threaten her

once the relationship came to an end.

With phrases like "you've been a son of a bitch and I'm going to be more of a son of a bitch with you", as heard in this documentary.

With teary eyes, the protagonist of this story appeared before the media to tell what had happened.

But, beyond all logic,

many citizens did not believe her and came to justify the attitude of her attacker, who was

highly appreciated by some neighbors whom she had known for a long time.


debate that was opened in society then

and that today, two decades later, it seems incredible that it took place.

Nevenka Fernández, at the entrance of the trial for sexual harassment.


The protagonist

of those unpleasant events shows

her face

in this Newtral production for Netflix and tells her version before the camera.

For the first time.

Along with it, archive images, newspaper clippings, pieces of news and statements from people related to the events make up

a harsh and impartial account of what happened in Ponferrada.

In the documentary, Ismael Álvarez is presented as 'a predator of women and substances, as well as an authoritarian and capricious type'.

A cocktail that made young

Nevenka look overwhelmed

by a situation that was beyond her.

His political career but, above all, his freedom, then reached a very low point.

Now, after the



and the enormous effort made from the governmental, judicial or educational spheres, added to the citizen awareness to

denounce attitudes

like the ones shown here, everything seems different.

But it was not always like this.

Nevenka Fernández, today.


As is proven in this

harsh but rigorous documentary

, the 'media condemnation' that Nevenka Fernández endured is something she had to live with.

And she even left Spain after

winning a trial

in which she was tried to attack by the councilor's defense after she said at the time

'no is no'.

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