Let's talk a little more with medical reporter Cho Dong-chan.

Q. Pfizer's 1st inoculation ward, the beauty salon, what does it mean?

[Cho Dong-chan, medical reporter (specialist): I was surprised to find out that the Pfizer Vaccine No. 1 vaccination was in the US.

On the 19th, the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Hospital Association held a closed meeting, and we got the documents at that time.

Among those who work in upper-level general hospitals, general hospitals, and hospitals, priority vaccination targets are specified as health care workers.

Only doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, pharmacists, etc. fit.

At this meeting, a head of a national university hospital requested that the environmental sanitation center, the patient transfer agent, and the people who transfer meals directly deal with patients, also requested that they be put into the target for vaccination, and the Korea Disease Administration said that it would review.

Today (27th), as a surprise gift, the 1st vaccination was given to the US flower shop, but it has an important meaning to eliminate the blind spot among the first vaccination targets.

Researchers who directly deal with the coronavirus are also missing out on the first vaccination targets, but I think they should also be included.]

Q. What is the vaccination for the elderly over the age of 65?

[Cho Dong-chan, medical reporter (specialist): Yes, I just spoke with Oh Myung-don, the head of the Central Vaccination Center, which you just saw on the screen. Delivered.

A recent study in Scotland involving over 1 million people aged 65 and over.

The AstraZeneca vaccine was 81% effective in preventing severe diseases in the 80-year-old and older.

I hope that the vaccination for the elderly aged 65 or older will not be delayed.]

Q. How to achieve group immunity in November?

[Cho Dong-chan, medical reporter (specialist): I vaccinated about 18,000 people yesterday and 300 people today, but fortunately there were no serious side effects that I was concerned about.

However, in order to reach group immunity by November, 70% of all citizens usually have to be hit twice by the end of October, and to do so, more than 150,000 people must receive vaccinations a day.

Since it is in the early stages of vaccination, it is safe and slow for vaccination, but the vaccination rate must be increased quickly afterwards.

In order to do so, the vaccination hospitals must be greatly expanded, and active cooperation from the medical community is also required.]