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government or local governments are promoting new projects or refurbishing facilities while conspiring for the name, but there are cases of asking citizens to name a new name and choosing the original name as the winner.

Reporter Jung Joon-ho covered it.


Gyeongchunseon Forest Road, a promenade in Nowon-gu, Seoul.

In November of last year, Nowon-gu Office held a public offering for the official name of the art exhibition hall to be built here with a small prize money.

In the meantime, it was temporarily called the'Gyeongchun Line Forest Road Gallery'.

Nearly 400 people applied, and the top prize, which was awarded jointly by 3 people, was'Gyeongchun Line Forest Road Gallery', which is the same as the tentative name.

[Nowon-gu Office official: Since there is no such limitation that this name (Gyeongchunseon Forest Road Gallery) is excluded...

Since it was judged that there was no other proposal that was better than this name during the judging process (it was selected)] If


would be the case, there

is another contest to ask why.

Naming Seoul'Yongsan Park' with a total prize money of 12 million won.

Nearly 10,000 people applied, and the new name finally selected after evaluation by the judges last month was'Yongsan Park' as it was.

[Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport officials: Because there is an opinion that'It is better to use Yongsan Park as it is,' (it was finally decided.) (Online) The results of the voting or those things were not disclosed.] The

same is true for the'Busan North Port Redevelopment Phase 2'project contest.

The name'Central Bay' won an excellence award without a grand prize, and Central Bay was the official name used in the first phase of the project in 2008.

Applicants who even challenged to create an idea note to build a career will only collapse.

[North Port Redevelopment Name Contest entrants: continue off work for about a week and consider reports any'll be cheomsak cheomsak and (I was ready ...) some (results) reports did not much hey -

organizers explain eopeotdago is limited to names that can be entered as one However, there are criticisms that it was the tabletop administration that opened the contest without worrying about whether to continue using the name that was used.

(Video editing: Eunjin Choi, VJ: Hyungjin Kim)