People in nursing facilities and the medical staff who take care of patients are given the vaccine first, and then the vaccinations are given in order according to the prescribed sequence.

If so, I would also be wondering when my family will be vaccinated, but reporter Sangeun Kwak summarized this.


Let's take three generations of a family consisting of an elderly mother in their 70s, a couple in their 40s, and teenage children.

If a couple has a general hospital medical staff, the vaccine will be given first.

Medical staff caring for COVID-19 patients, workers at high-risk medical institutions such as general hospitals, epidemiological investigators, etc., are eligible for vaccination in the first quarter.

The next vaccinator is likely to be an elderly mother in their 70s.

The government initially reviewed 65 years of age or older as the first candidate for vaccination, but the vaccination was withheld for the first time because the data from the clinical trials of the elderly for the AstraZeneca vaccine were insufficient.

As soon as further clinical results become available, it is likely that the vaccine will begin in April.

With additional Pfizer vaccines coming in at the end of next month, it is still unclear which vaccines AstraZeneca and Pfizer will receive first.

[Scene rooms / Disease Management Agency Immunization Management Gris: Priority High risk going into severe and death people and (a) the essential medical personnel in the care and hygiene]

a couple of non-medical people to be fit for the third quarter of vaccine The expected.

Both high school sons and middle school daughters are not currently eligible for vaccination.

However, as the results of the Central Pharmacy Review Committee announced today (26th) recommend Pfizer vaccination to those aged 16 or older, there is a possibility that the vaccination target will be expanded to sons of high school students after the third quarter when a large amount of supplies is supplied.

The type of vaccine cannot be selected by individuals, and if they refuse to receive vaccination in their own order, the chance of vaccination will be delayed until November, when all national vaccinations are completed.

(Video editing: Kim Jun-hee)