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Ki Sung-yong, a former national football player, strongly insisted on his innocence in relation to the recent suspicion of sexual violence, those who exposed the suspicion for the first time continued to fight the truth, saying, "The evidence is sufficient and clear."

He changed his position of "I want to stop the workshop now" in a day.

Reporter Lee Jung-chan's report.


Attorney Ji-Hoon Park, the legal representative of the revealer, released a press release again today (26th) and repeatedly asserted that "It is true that Ki Sung-yong committed sexual violence.

"We have enough clear evidence," he said, leaving open possibilities for disclosure.

Attorney Park said in a call with SBS that "Ki Seong-yong's side has secured a transcript of the phone call containing the circumstances that they tried to lodge the exposer."

[Park Ji-hoon/Legal attorney on the investigator's side: I have evidence.

Ki Sung-yong's side talked with Mr. B in 70 cases.]

Two days ago, soccer players A and B claimed that they were sexually assaulted by two seniors for a year, including a star player from the national team in elementary school. However, when Ki Sung-yong, who was accused of being the perpetrator, claimed innocence through his social media with the management company and took a tough response, he changed his position, saying,'I want to stop the truth battle' within a day.

[Park Ji-hoon/Revelator's legal representative (Yesterday evening):'(A and B) have to stop here.'

That's it.

Being bullied in football is the most fearful thing.]

But overnight, he reversed his position again and emphasized,'I wish the perpetrators a sincere apology.'

[Park Ji-hoon/Revelator's legal representative: I was trying to do that because I couldn't win because (perpetrator's side) pressured it, but the situation is not right now.]

On the other hand, it is true that the allegations that the revelators were school violence perpetrators when they were in middle school were raised. He admitted and sincerely apologized to the victims, but drew a line that it was not the essence of this case.