[Teacher, the vaccine you got today is the AstraZeneca vaccine.]

[Because it is the first.

Somehow, something like a sense of mission?]

[I was worried, but it’s okay because it’s okay.]

<Anchor> The

first step toward returning to our daily life has begun from the corona that has crushed our lives for over a year.

Finally, the corona 19 vaccine has begun in Korea.

Starting today (26th), people living or working in nursing homes nationwide will first get the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Today's special 8 o'clock news, let's take a closer look at this vaccine news.

First of all, this is reporter Song In-ho.


AstraZeneca vaccination was conducted from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in about 1,900 places including public health centers and nursing hospitals nationwide.

There were places where vaccination started 15 minutes earlier because of the convenience of the inoculation, but most public health centers started around 9 am after fever check and pre-examination.

[Health Center Vaccination Team: The vaccine I got today is the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The number of vaccinations is twice, and it was the first vaccination today.] Although

the number 1

inoculation in

Korea has not been determined, some local governments such as Busan, Daegu, Daejeon, and Jeju have selected and released the number 1 vaccination.

At the vaccination site, he was nervous about a serious adverse reaction.

[Kim Soo-kyung/Seoul Geumcheon Health Center: I paid a lot of attention.

Not only an ambulance, but also treatment drugs and oxygen pain are fully prepared.]

President Moon Jae-in also visited the vaccination center in the Mapo-gu Health Center in Seoul to encourage medical staff and examine the health of those inoculated.

[President Moon Jae-in: Is there any difference from getting the general flu vaccine?

(It didn't hurt very much. I thought it would hurt a lot.)]

Today, the people who got the vaccine today are nursing facility workers, residents, and medical staff in nursing hospitals nationwide. People.

[Shin Jeong-suk/Nursing care worker: I really didn't know that it would be right.

I feel good because I get the vaccine, and I feel relieved.]

The second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine, which is given twice, starts on April 23, 8 weeks later.

(Video editing: Jeong Seong-hoon)