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people who raised the suspicion of sexual violence are claiming that Ki Sung-yong convicted them, but the results of our interview were very different.

Let’s look at the contents of reporter Ha Seong-ryong alone.

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person on the phone with Revelator C was Mr. D, a junior who knew Mr. C, who had no one-sided knowledge with Ki Sung-yong.

On the phone with SBS, junior D, on the premise that he is not on either side, made a different statement from what the revelators have argued so far.

After receiving the report of'Ki Sung-yong's suspicion of sexual violence', he first called the extortionist C and recommended reconciliation, saying that it should not be.

[Mr. D: I wish I didn't fight and I wanted to be reconciled.

So I wanted to play the role of mediation.

It was good will...


After that, after questioning, junior D also contacted Ki Sung-yong and recommended meeting and reconciliation between the two sides.

However, Ki Sung-yong asserted his innocence and said, "If I admit that the sexual violence exposure is false, I will decide whether to forgive it."

[Mr. D: No one has ever threatened with conviction.

That's the truth.

Ki Sung-yong has never spoken of money in his mouth...

Let me quickly get the information chart out.

I must have said it dozens of times (to Revelator C).

Then we meet.

Is this a threat?

Is that why I became a blackmailer?]

According to Mr. D, there is no content related to intimidation or intimidation in the'recording' that the extortionist said was the conclusive evidence.

Mr. D said he was trying to mediate for the sake of goodwill, and said he is having an uneasy day as a blackmailer and hopes the truth will be revealed as soon as possible.

(Video editing: Kim Byung-jik)

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