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Susana Abaitua

(Vitoria, 1990) likes challenges.

A lot of.

"Give me a challenge that I'm happy," he says with a big smile on his face.

In her latest

film and television work

, this actress has played characters who have suffered greatly: they have put her in a refrigerator to assassinate her (


), they have killed her father (


), she has faced the police (

Los innocents

) and, now, in her latest feature film, she is admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

Until it runs away.


Loco por ella

, the

romantic comedy that Netflix premieres

on Friday, February 26,

Susana Abaitua plays

Carla, a girl confined in a psychiatric center who goes out one night and meets Adri (

Álvaro Cervantes


He, a flirtatious journalist and not a lover of long relationships, lives a night of passion and madness with a young woman he knows nothing about.

Madly in love

, when he discovers who Carla really is, he decides to enter his very center in order to be close to a person who has him hooked.

Carla (Susana Abaitua) and Adri (Álvaro Cervantes).


In the filming of the film directed by

Dani de la Orden


The best summer of my life




Until the wedding do us part

), Susana Abaitua admits "having enjoyed the beauty".

Run, dance, laugh, cry, and even speak French.

Regarding the latter, the actress admits that it was pure improvisation.

"It occurred to me on the fly. I mentioned it to the director and he thought it was very good.

Dani is a king of comedy who knows how to create humor without putting the pressure of such a genre on the actress

. And finally Finally, with a character like Carla we could afford whatever we wanted. So we did it that way, taking advantage of the fact that I can speak French. It was a lot of fun. "

If something excites

Susana Abaitua, in addition to her work as an actress

, it is surfing

, as she recently confessed in

La Resistencia


This sport, which she has practiced since she was little, is one of her great passions.

And he does not even renounce it when he is living in Madrid.

"I am lucky to have found a place, Citywave Madrid, which has recreated an artificial wave. It is static and, although the feeling is different, I love it.

I am very much into taking the van and escaping to the beach when I can



Susana Abaitua participated in 'Patria', the hit HBO series.


At the end of last year, the actress experienced a moment of great recognition after the premiere of the series



A television success that has meant that his face and his name are now much more known.

"This fame thing is a seesaw.

I had a time with the series

I know who you are

where everyone would stop me on the street. Who knows if

something similar will happen


Crazy about her

when everyone can see it on Netflix in almost 190 countries. But it

will happen again that nobody stops me

... ".

"Beyond people recognizing you on the street and that little part of ego that always exists,

what interests me is that they value me for what I do.

And that I continue working on stories that keep me falling in love ... ", says the Vitorian actress when she talks about what it means to be an actress.

Carla and Adri meet on a very crazy night.


In the same year that


triumphed, another series (


) has managed to hook many to the television.

And, although Susana Abaitua only appeared in the first, she was very happy about the success of the second.

Among other reasons, for the participation of her friend

Vicky Luengo



We are very close friends. Friends of the soul

to the point that my family has gone to see her in Vitoria with a play in which she participates. I am very happy to have lived the same sweet moment in this profession with


that Vicky has enjoyed with



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