Ajax goalkeeper André Onana is not only suspended in real life because of doping, he also appears to have been removed from FIFA 21.

The footballer was suspended for twelve months at the beginning of this month for a doping violation.

The banned substance furosemide was found in Cameroonians.

This drug was mainly used in the past by doping users to mask doping.

The goalkeeper said he had mistaken a pill from his wife for aspirin.

Onana is not allowed to play for Ajax until February 2022, which is why EA Sports has removed him from FIFA21.

It's only about the offline modes in the game.

You can still play with Onana in online mode, such as FIFA Ultimate Team.

It is striking that two players of Red Bull Salzburg have also been suspended, but that they are still in FIFA.

Mohamed Camara and Sékou Koïta were both suspended for three months by UEFA last week for doping use.

Why they have not been removed from the game is not clear.

FIFA did not respond to questions from NU.nl.

Players who have been injured for a long time, such as Dutch national team captain Virgil van Dijk, are also still in the game.

He's been at home for nine months with a cruciate ligament injury.

Onana disappeared from FIFA