A woman in her twenties who got a job at a company was reported to have been sexually harassed by the chairman right after joining the company.

The perpetrator, the chairman, continued to emphasize that he had the authority to fire an employee, but with the courage to obtain consent from the victims who responded to the interview, reporter Min-jung Kim reports the information.


Mr. A in his twenties, who started his first work life at a real estate developer at the beginning of last month, was called into the chairman's office 10 days after joining the company.

[Mr. A/victim: Call the venue separately and ask for a phone number.

I don't have your number, I feel good, I want to see you for a long time. (Because the chairman wants to make me special.]

Call yourself dad from now on. I walked.

When I got into the chairman's car, Mr. A recalled that the harassment began.

[Mr. A/victim: (hand) It's not just touching it, it's just scratching the palm of your hand and pushing your face to kiss, in the car.

As because trying to avoid my dad, I was to think like him (going to) year as my dad did not have enough even]

amperes says this one beonppun but that extensive reading of Nolan heart work after harassment and harassment in the often invoked hoejangsil has been continued .

[Chairman-A's conversation (Chairman's office, February): You were assaulted (me?) Yes.

in the heart.

(Yes?) I like.

(Is it me?… Is your heart hurt?) Yes.

I didn't have a call.

I didn't even get a call and it hurts, so I miss you, is it my greed.]

The chairman's actions lasted for nearly a month, but raising issues was not easy.

From time to time, the chairman said he emphasized his position of having the power to fire employees.

[Mr. A/victim: To my friends,'I'm like this, what should I do?'

Confidently, but because it is a social life...

I wanted to keep going, but I didn't like being in an uncomfortable relationship.

So I had to endure it.]

However, A, who was unable to

endure the

continued harassment, ended up taking a leave of work within a month and filing a complaint to the police.

The chairman did not respond to dozens of requests to report on SBS.

Instead, he admitted to the victims of inappropriate physical contact, but said, "The employee looked pretty and I wanted to protect it with my dad's heart."

(Video coverage: Lee Yong, video editing: Kim Jong-woo)