A file containing the personal medical data of 500,000 people in France is circulating on the internet, revealed "Liberation".

According to the newspaper, they correspond to samples taken between 2015 and October 2020. It is difficult for the moment to know who is affected by this data breach.

Names, telephone numbers, attending physicians, drug treatments ... A file containing sensitive medical data from nearly 500,000 people in France is circulating on the internet.

This data was first shared on the Darkweb before ending up on the web, obviously after a dispute between pirates.

"This document includes the identities of the patients, their names and surnames, telephone numbers, but also the name of their attending physician, their mutual insurance companies and social security numbers", specifies Damien Bancal, journalist from


specializing in cybersecurity, who was the first to identify the leak. 

Where does the data come from? 

This information is sometimes accompanied by indications on the blood type, or comments on the state of health (including a possible pregnancy), drug treatments, or pathologies, in particular HIV.

According to the Verification section Checknews de 


, which investigated the subject, the data would come from around thirty medical biology laboratories, located mainly in the north-western quarter of France. 

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"They correspond to withdrawals made between 2015 and October 2020", specifies Damien Bancal.

A period which coincides for the laboratories interviewed with the use of the same software for entering medico-administrative information published by the Dedalus group. 

Who are the people involved?

It is difficult at the moment to know who is affected by this data breach.

"It is only the authorities who have the information and will, I think, warn every doctor and every patient that is there. At least to tell them that their information is in the hands of hackers, and that we must be suspicious of emails they will receive or calls from strangers, ”explains Damien Bancal. 

According to him, this file was the subject of a commercial negotiation between several hackers on a Telegram group specializing in the exchange of stolen databases and one of them circulated it on the web following an argument. .