When the creative Pep Torres proposed to the pastry chef Christian Escribà to create a cake to celebrate the gaffes, he could not help but smile.

He liked the idea.

"It seemed very necessary to me in these times."

It was August 2020 when their destinies crossed - they did not know each other personally - to throw humor before the errors, failures or lovesickness.

"If you analyze your life, you have more mistakes than birthdays and parties,"

says Escribà.

"It is applying the sense of humor to de-dramatize the bad moments."

From the beginning they were clear that the cake

had to be "very good"


The miscake (name that comes from mistake -error in English- and cake -pastel-) is made with the chocolate of Barry Callebaut, the world's largest cocoa producer and brand of Belgian origin for which the Catalan pastry chef is an ambassador.

"It is covered with the best dark chocolate; inside it has a passion fruit mousse that combines very well, it has chocolate sponge cake and a golden mess of 70% chocolate", explains Escribà, who admits that they

made nine or ten tests until they found what they wanted


The mess that crowns the cake represents people's mental turmoil.

The miscake also has



ritual to enjoy it properly and turn the page

: "The idea is to insert the chopsticks into the cake while talking about the misfortune to forget, read a magic spell -'When this cake is eaten, all the drama it will disappear, because no drama in this life will shed a single tear'- and carefully extract the golden mess (70% chocolate) that crowns the cake and that symbolizes our own existential commotion ", assures Pep under the watchful eye of his colleague.

-Who would you send your cake to?

- "To Koeman after 4-1 at Barcelona (laughs). And also to Ada Colau, to whom he would send it in XXL size", says Escribà.

These sweet jewels are only sold online, in click & collect mode through their website.

Escribà himself selects the pastry shops that will have it in the different cities of the world.

"There will only be one store per city that sells it," he explains.

The recipe and the ingredients will not change - only Barry Callebaut chocolate is used - as well as the packaging.

Miscake has three textures, with chocolate as the protagonist.

"We want to create a community of miscakers all over the world,"

adds Pep.

They hope to close 2021 with points of sale in more than 100 cities on five continents.

"Taking our message to Japan, a country where mistakes are hidden, was a challenge, but we have succeeded," confesses Escribà, one of the great masters of the union inside and outside our borders.

They have also landed in Mexico and are closing South Africa.

The sweet universe of the Catalan pastry chef and star, along with La Terremoto de Alcorcón, of the 'Niquelao!'

Netflix is ​​always one step ahead.

His goal in each product he makes is to excite, surprise and create unique moments.

The miscake is the last one she has added to her long list.

The miscake points of sale

: Christian Escribà, with two points of sale in Barcelona: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes and 546;

Rambla de les Flors, 83 / Pastelerías Mallorca (in Madrid) / Rocambolesc (by Jordi Roca, in Girona) and Adriana Cabot (in Arteixo, A Coruña).

Price: 9 (mini) and 25 euros (4 servings).

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