AstraZeneca vaccine shipped from a domestic production plant yesterday (24th) was sorted and packaged in the distribution warehouse overnight, and then began to be shipped to all over the country about an hour ago.

Reporter Park Soo-jin is out at the site where delivery began.

Reporter Park, when exactly did delivery start?

<Reporter> The

AstraZeneca vaccine, which arrived here yesterday, started shipping at 5:50 am, about an hour ago.

Originally, it was expected to start at around 5:30, but the verification process took a little longer.

Logistics center employees sorted and packaged vaccines by delivery vehicle overnight.

You can see the white truck behind me.

It is a 1 ton refrigerated truck, and it is a vehicle that can be transported while maintaining the appropriate temperature for vaccine storage, 2-8 degrees.

A total of 56 trucks are now connected to the distribution center dock to transfer the vaccine to the cargo hold, and when this work is completed, the vaccine will be delivered to over 1,900 health centers and nursing hospitals in 25 regions nationwide. A thermometer is attached to this box, and the temperature is checked every time it is transferred to the truck.

Fire engines are also on standby here in case of any fire or accident.

When this transport truck moves, patrol cars and military convoys are deployed back and forth to accompany them to their destination.


You just saw this transport vehicle departing like this. Where exactly does the vaccine that has started delivery going and when does the vaccination start?

<Reporter> The

vaccine arrives at each public health center and nursing hospital during the day.

Upon arrival, it is first checked whether the vaccine is in a safe condition and the quantity is correct.

In addition, full-fledged vaccinations are scheduled to start sequentially from 9 am tomorrow. In nursing hospitals where doctors work, self-inoculation is performed within five days, and nursing facilities or rehabilitation facilities are visited by health center medical staff or target individuals visit a public health center to inoculate. .