Twitter has removed several hundred accounts that it says had links to Russia, Armenia or Iran.

The persons behind the accounts would have violated the terms of use, the social network reports Tuesday.

"The accounts have been permanently removed from Twitter for violation of our policies," the social network wrote in a blog post.

It concerns a total of 373 accounts.

Of these, 238 accounts operated from Iran, with various user terms and conditions being violated, according to Twitter.

The company has not disclosed the exact conditions.

A hundred accounts with Russian connections have also been removed.

Of those, 69 were fake accounts that could be linked to Russian government agencies.

The other 31 accounts were involved with Internet Research Agency, a Russian company known as 'troll factory'.

Finally, 35 accounts with links to Armenia were removed.

According to the social network, these were used to spread untruths about Azerbaijan.

Spam was also sent from the accounts.