• Privacy WhatsApp will not let "read or send messages" to those who do not accept the new privacy policies

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When you access



you may have come across a notice within the app: 'Add


to your profile'.

The title of this new function could not be more literal: you can chat with your Instagram contacts on WhatsApp more comfortably, although not within the app itself.


owns both the eponymous social network and the world's most popular messaging app, WhatsApp;

as from the most fashionable photography social network in the world, Instagram;

so it was a matter of time before they would bond somehow.

That moment has come.

The first users are being invited to 'merge' their accounts so that,

if you have entered your phone number in WhatsApp

, you can write normally in WhatsApp to a profile that you follow and that has registered their phone.

In other words: if two people who follow each other have the WhatsApp merged on Instagram, they

can open a conversation on WhatsApp without having the phones previously registered in the agenda


You have to take into account two important details: no one will publicly see your phone number on Instagram, not on your profile or anywhere;

and you will only be able to speak to those who have also registered their phone number in the app.

If this is not the case, you will have to keep talking about the Instagram chat functionality.

Facebook has not dared so far that the contacts between both applications appear in the aforementioned in a natural way.

It is something that, even with the changes in privacy policies, it is not clear that it may be possible in the future, but it would be the natural way forward for a company that wants to create all possible synergies between its large properties.

How to merge Instagram and WhatsApp

If you want to link your WhatsApp and Instagram accounts, these are the steps you should follow:

  • You enter Instagram, go to your profile and touch

    Edit profile


  • Inside the profile, look for the section "Public information of the company" and touch

    Contact options


  • From the options, choose



  • Write your phone number, the one you use with WhatsApp.

    If you don't have, you can even create an account from here.

  • When you have entered your data, click on

    Send confirmation code


    It is necessary to verify your WhatsApp account.

    Once this is done, your phone number will appear as a contact option on your Instagram profile.

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