Sony is working on a new PlayStation VR glasses for the PlayStation 5. The new virtual reality headset works with one cable and gets an improved controller.

According to the company, there is still a lot of work to be done;

the glasses will therefore not appear in 2021.

Sony does not share many details yet, although the company does say that the glasses will get a larger resolution.

As a result, the image of the new glasses must be sharper than the glasses for the PS4 console.

The glasses also get a larger field of vision.

This means that the user with the glasses can see more without having to move their head.

The new headset should also be able to follow the user better.

The PS4 VR glasses use lights in the headset and a camera to monitor the user.

It is unclear whether this will also be the case with the PlayStation 5 variant.

Sony also indicates that the new glasses will only use one cable for the connection between headset and console.

With the PS4, a separate adapter was needed, which Sony called the

processor unit


This was linked to the VR glasses, PlayStation, television and the electricity network.

It seems that Sony

no longer wants to use


processor unit

with the new VR glasses.

According to the company, a single cable makes it easier to use the headset.

Sony will also adjust the controller of the headset.

The new controller must be more comfortable than the old variant.

The controller must also get functions that are also in the PlayStation 5 controller.

Sony does not provide details on this, but it may be the improved triggers included in the DualSense controllers.

The first game developers are already working with the new PlayStation VR headset.

When the glasses will appear and how much they should cost is not yet known.

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