The mythical Nyan Cat is up for auction -


Next April, Nyan Cat will celebrate its 10th anniversary.

To mark the occasion, the artist behind the internet's most famous cat, Chris Torres, auctioned off a remastered version of the original GIF.

Potential buyers of Nyan Cat could bid for only 24 hours via the Foundation site, a platform dedicated to digital art.

The work was finally sold for 300 ether, the cryptocurrency in use on the platform, the equivalent of $ 500,000 at the current price of this currency.

Obviously, since Nyan Cat does not exist in real life, the buyer of the rainbow cat-pop-tart has offered himself a digital work.

There is also talk of crypto artwork, an art form that has grown in popularity in recent years.

Several sites specialize in the exhibition and sale of this type of works of art.

And as for the traditional market, some works are sold at high prices.

Last year, a digital work by artist Beeple was sold for over $ 3.5 million.

A turning point for digital art

The concept is rather particular since the buyers are the owners of a work which can actually be reproduced endlessly on the web.

This will notably be the case for the remastered version of Nyan Cat.

For the creator of Nyan Cat, the crypto art market is a good thing for memes creators who can now capitalize on their work and creation that has hitherto spread for free on the web.

“It gives power to the creator,” Chris Torres explained to The Verge.

“The creator owns it originally, then they can sell it, monetize it directly, and be recognized for their work.


Nyan Cat was born on April 2, 2011. Originally this was just an 8-bit animated GIF of a gray flying cat with a pink Pop-Tart body and with a bow. rainbow behind him.

But the GIF imagined by Christopher Torres gained popularity when a video of the cat on background music Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!

was posted on the Nico Nico Doga video platform, then on YouTube.

It quickly went viral.

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