The police applied for an arrest warrant for an equestrian from the national team on suspicion of intimidating a woman who had a relationship with her to distribute naked photos.

The Ojeong Police Station in Bucheon, Gyeonggi Province announced today (23rd) that it has applied for an arrest warrant in advance for A, a horseback riding player from the national team, on charges of violating the Act on Special Cases concerning the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes.

Mr. A secretly photographed the naked body of Mr. B, who had a brief relationship with him in July last year, and has been accused of threatening to distribute photos and videos from December of the same year to January of this year if he does not meet again. .

Earlier, Mr. B sued Mr. A to the police last month.

In the complaint, Mr. B threatened to distribute photos and videos showing his naked body from December last year until recently, and claimed that Mr. A requested money.

He also claimed that Mr. A took over 140 million won by borrowing money from July to December of last year.

Mr. B's legal representative said, "Mr. A threatened to pay 100 million won per video, saying that he would take pictures and videos without consent and distribute them."

It is said that Mr. A, who was also active as a child actor in the past, changed his job as a horseback riding player and then played an active part in the Asian Games as well as national team.

It is known that the police have applied for a warrant for arrest in advance for Mr. B, as it determined that there was a damage based on the evidence submitted by Mr. B.

A preliminary arrest warrant is filed against the suspects investigated without securing a recruit.

It is different from the usual arrest warrant, which is requested within 48 hours after securing the suspect's recruit by an emergency arrest or arrest warrant.

A police official said, "The details of Mr. A's police statement are under investigation and cannot be disclosed."