Im Eun-jeong, a prosecutor policy researcher at the Supreme Prosecutors' Office (Deputy Prosecutor), who took the power of investigation from the prosecutor's office on the 22nd by the command of the central district prosecutor's office.

In an article posted on Facebook, Chief Prosecutor Lim expressed satisfaction in this way.

He said, "As a researcher in charge of the prosecution, I did not have a lot of trouble because I didn't have the right to investigate, but I was given the right to investigate," he said. "It's a very natural right to investigate for other researchers, but I am very grateful for it."

Prosecutor Lim has argued that his work is limited to investigations directed by the prosecutor's office and that he needs the right to investigate.

In this regard, the Ministry of Justice explained the background of personnel, saying, "We have strengthened the efficiency and function of the inspection work by granting the right of investigation to the chief prosecutor."

Justice Minister Park Beom-gye also said, "I know that I want to have the right to investigate," regarding the background of Prosecutor Lim's personnel in the National Assembly Judiciary Committee's business report.

Inside and outside the prosecution, it is expected that the prosecutor Lim, who has been given the right to investigate, will be involved in various prosecution cases in earnest.

In particular, there are observations that the investigation team and the investigation command unit that investigated the violation of the Political Fund Act by the former Prime Minister Han Myung-sook will be investigated.

(Photo = Yonhap News)