Game publisher Epic Games has reached a settlement in a class action lawsuit involving loot boxes.

As part of the settlement, Epic will pay affected players with virtual money to spend in

Fortnite: Save The World


Rocket League



writes that


The lawsuit was filed in 2019, because underage players would also be tempted to buy loot boxes.

These are loot boxes in the car soccer game

Rocket League

and in

Fortnite: Save The World


That is part of the game where players go through a story alone or with friends, which is different from


's battle-royale


, which is much more famous and popular.

Lootboxes are virtual treasure chests that you buy with real money, where you often do not know in advance what will be inside.

Because the odds of winning for certain items were not listed either, players of the games in question were not aware of the odds of winning something they actually wanted.

According to the indictment, Epic Games had therefore misled the players.

People could join the case who also felt deceived.

While Epic insisted on doing nothing illegal, a settlement has now been reached.

"With this we want to resolve all claims, but we admit no guilt here," said Epic.

Compensation is 8 euros in play money

The games had already stopped offering loot boxes for which it was not clear in advance what was in them.

Anyone who bought such a chest before then will automatically receive 1,000 V-Bucks (in


) or Credits (in

Rocket League

) to spend in the games

because of the settlement


That equates to a value of 8 euros.

US players can make additional claims if they believe they have been victims of consumer fraud.

Through those claims, if they are actually eligible, it is possible to get back up to $ 50 cash, 13,500 V-Bucks or 13,000 Credits for damage suffered.