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The case in which Education Minister Yu Eun-hye and others were sued in connection with the'battering error' incident at a test site last year was concluded as'no charge'.

The Seoul Gangseo Police Department said it had decided to dispose of a total of seven people, including Minister Yoo, Seoul Superintendent Cho Hee-yeon, and test supervisors, who were accused of abandonment.

First of all, the police dismissed the charges against five people, including Minister Yu, Superintendent Cho, and three test site supervisors.

They saw that there is no reason to proceed with the investigation because they are not a party to the act of'reservation of work'.

In addition, two people, the teacher in charge of other broadcasts and the school principal, will submit a written dismissal written as'no charge' to the prosecution.

The teacher admits the mistake, but the police explain that there is no clear evidence to suggest that the job was deliberately abandoned.

At Deokwon Girls' High School, where the SAT exam was held in December last year, the ending bell for the first elective exam in the fourth period rang 2-3 minutes earlier.

The test takers and their parents complained that they had suffered damage in the test due to confusion over the sudden situation, and sued Minister Yu and the test supervisor.