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a laundromat in Seoul, I told you that a man ran a riot and threatened even the police who were dispatched, but this man, who was released after being investigated by the police, went to the laundromat again and threw a fire extinguisher to retaliate.

Reporter Ha Jeong-yeon covered it.


Yesterday (22nd) around 4 am, a coin laundry in Seoul.

A man wearing sunglasses and a hat walks with a fire extinguisher.

Throwing a fire extinguisher as hard as possible, breaking the window.

Call the laundromat owner, yell at the whale whale, and shout that person at that time.

[Suspect: Give me my bike.

I am the one who struck me here

Remember me?

If you come and apologize, I'll look at you, and if you don't apologize, I'll sue you!]

This man had a riot in the laundromat even in the early morning of the 17th.

He threatened the police and struck the police car with a chair, and was pulled only after being hit by a Taser gun, but in six days he came to revenge.

The man, who was investigated by the police for his first riot, was released the same day.

The police said further investigation was necessary and that it was impossible to even imprisonment, and that it was imprisoned.

However, the owner of the laundromat regrets the lukewarm response of the police, saying that he did not know that the man who broke the police car was released.

[Speaker: I was scared and wanted to die.

If you've got it, you'll have to restrain it to the end.

Wouldn't it be so absurd that another crime appeared today?] The

police arrested the man yesterday and filed a warrant for arrest.