"Would you like to stop the car here for a while? That house is right in front of you, and I'm going to bring cash


The author said that his father, who is a taxi driver, was ``spoiled'' and released a black box video inside the vehicle that contains the passengers' faces and voices.

In the video, a passenger arriving at the destination convinces the driver to get off without paying the taxi fare, saying, "I will go home and bring cash."

The passenger said "I'm not the person I do with money", "I understand the driver's heart", "I don't run away because I'm old," and eventually handed me a blank card and disappeared.

Netizens poured out anger such as "I bet my life for only 20,000 won" and "If you don't have money, walk around."

Let’s watch it together.

(Composition: Hwi-ran Kim, editor: Seung-yeon Park)