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It's time for current affairs critic Hyun-Jun Go's news.

What is the first news today (23rd)?

<Ko Hyun-jun/Sisa Critic>

There is a so-called Purple Island covered in purple in Sinan, Jeollanam-do.

The bridges, walkways, and even the roof of the house are all colored purple.

Banwoldo and Bakji in Sinan, Jeollanam-do are so-called purple islands.

On the 8th, CNN of the United States introduced Purple Island as the island of dreams for photographers, and Fox News introduced that it is gaining popularity with thousands of local visitors coming to Purple Island as overseas travel is restricted due to Corona 19.

Last year, it was featured on the largest satellite TV broadcast in Germany and a famous travel magazine in Hong Kong. Since 2007, Shinan-gun has been creating Purple Island with residents under the theme of purple.

The concept was chosen as a purple island in consideration of ecological characteristics such as purple bellflower colonies and lamiaceae that grow naturally on the island.It is considered as the first example of successful image making of the island itself in color by making the bridge, coastal promenade, and coffee cup purple. .

<Anchor> It's a

very exotic and attractive place, let me tell you the second news.

<Ko Hyun-Jun/Sisa Critic> We

are pleased to announce the second news.

Controversy arose when a domestic delivery app held an event to distribute snacks to delivery drivers, and there was an incident that ended in 6 hours.

On the 19th, the People of Delivery held an event in which small bags were distributed to users so that they could be hung on the front door with snacks. The purpose was to show gratitude by putting drinks or snacks for delivery drivers in this bag.

However, the reaction of netizens to the news of the event was rather cold.

'It is good to express gratitude to the delivery driver, but why is the company leading it?' and'Why do consumers have to pay for snacks for delivery drivers that should be provided for the company's welfare?'

Delivery drivers also responded that'the company has left the welfare to be responsible for the consumer', and the controversial day delivery people ended the event in 6 hours.

He said that the scheduled comments were quickly overflowing and that some online communities had critical views, so they ended early.


Expressing your gratitude is a very voluntary act.

But it looks a little awkward.

<Ko Hyeon-jun / Current affairs critic>


It seems that there was a backlash against the fact that someone told me to express my gratitude for this.



Please tell me the last news.

<Hyun-Joon Ko/Presentation Critic> This

happened in the United States, and the bomb squad, dispatched after receiving a report that there was a bomb in a bag, met an unexpected opponent.

A black bag was placed in front of a church in Butler County, Ohio, USA on the 18th local time.

People who thought they might have had a bomb in this unknown bag reported it to the police, and the police bomb squad, who was dispatched, opened the bag, nervous.

But in the bag, there were not bombs, but a mother cat and six newborn kittens.

The memo with the cats said that the mother cat had a baby the day before, but it was not stated why the cats were abandoned.

The Butler County Sheriff's Office said there was a rattle in the bag at the time instead of a second hand, and the cats were immediately taken to an animal shelter.

The kittens were able to warm up and feed with the help of the shelter staff, and the mother cat was also reported to be given a vaccination and blood tests, which were said to be in good health.