● On April 23, 2022, the day the


ends, the

Administrative Welfare Center in Inchang-dong, Guri-si, is currently renting a building owned by a private person.

I had to move for a while to build a new office building.

The charter contract was signed in April 2019.

Nearly two years have passed.

The charter contract expires on April 23, 2022.

●'D-425' A

new administrative welfare center will be established on the existing site in April next year on the

day when long-standing wishes of the residents of Inchang-dong, Guri

, come true.

The remaining time is 425 days.

Guri City made a decision to build a new building due to the aging of the building and moved.

Residents of Inchang-dong, Guri-si, are eagerly awaiting the construction of a new administrative welfare center.

The process of building a new administrative welfare center is very slow.

Because there were twists and turns in the middle.

Gyeonggi Province put a brake on the construction of an administrative welfare center.

He pointed out that Guri City has not undergone a detailed safety check to prove the aging of the building.

Guri-si received a detailed safety examination belatedly after the Gyeonggi-do criticism came out.

Because of this, the pre-process has been delayed little by little.

It is a situation that has not even started construction.

● Director of Administrative Support Bureau of Guri City "planned to start construction in March 2021"...

Is it possible?

The new administrative welfare center will be available in April next year anyway.

There is also a problem in Guri-si that requires the temporary administrative welfare center to be vacated.

This is because the world's drugs expire.

At this time, the city of Guri must return 3,59 billion won in jeon tax.

Mr. Eom, the head of the Administrative Support Bureau of Guri City, attended the city council (300th plenary session) last November.

At this meeting, the'Inchang-dong Administrative Welfare Center Construction Project Continuing Fee Approval Plan' is submitted under the name of the mayor of Guri.

Director Um is here to tell the city council that construction will start on the existing site in March 2021.

The project cost is about 5.28 billion, and the scale is 1 basement level and 4 ground levels.

● Guri-si, if we can't build a new administrative welfare center until the end of world medicine?

The construction of the new administrative welfare center is slow.

The start of construction in March of this year also seems difficult.

This is because the detailed design service for the new building has not yet been completed.

Worldwide drug expiration is next April.

If it cannot be completed by this time, it will be criticized by the citizens of Guri.

First, you will be pointed out that the charter contract was unnecessarily fast.

Guri City did not even have a safety check before signing.

Before passing the Gyeonggi-do local financial investment review, I moved.

What if you had finished this process and signed a lease?

You wouldn't have been chased by the expiration of your contract as you do now.

● April 23, 2022,'Nakdong River Duck Egg' Inchang-dong Administrative Welfare Center?

Let's assume a tragic situation.

What if there is no new office building on this day?

Should the Inchang-dong Administrative Welfare Center look into the temporary government building again?

Let's look at the number of different cases.

① Look for

another temporary office building In Guri-si, 30




another temporary office building must be



I spoke with Mr. Seo Mo, the current landlord of the Inchang-dong Administrative Welfare Center.

Mr. Seo is acquainted with Guri Mayor Ahn Seung-nam.

Seo talks to SBS and claims, "I lost money by doing three-year worldwide medicine with Guri-shi."

When I received the rent, I was able to make a bigger profit.

According to Mr. Seo, there is no reason to extend the lease contract with Guri.

Seo just needs to return 3,59 billion won in jeon rent to Guri-si and put the rent at the mall.

The city of Guri needs to find a new office to use as a temporary administrative welfare center.

There are also moving and remodeling costs.

The cost is of course the blood tax of the citizens of Guri.

Residents of Inchang-dong also experience inconvenience as the location of the Administrative Welfare Center changes frequently.

② The

actuality is low starting with the

extension ② of the current temporary administrative welfare center


As mentioned earlier, Seo insisted that there were many complaints about the signing of the charter contract.

According to these words, there is no reason to extend the charter.

I don't know if Mr. Seo doesn't have the ability to return the 3,59 billion won in the jeon tax at the end of the contract.

Nevertheless, let's assume that Mr. Seo extends the charter.

One year extension is sufficient for Guri City.

The completion of the new administrative welfare center is expected to be possible within one year of the expiration date of the current worldwide drug (April 23, 2022) at the latest.

But will Seo, the landlord, incur a loss and sign a one-year charter contract instead of two?

Even if Mr. Seo extends his jeonse period with Guri City by two years, his blood tax is wasted.

Then, a new administrative welfare center will be created on the existing site, and the current administrative welfare center will exist at the same time with the remaining rental period.

Seo also needs to extend the period of the cheonsei guarantee insurance.

The city of Guri was asked to obtain a cheonsei guarantee insurance policy from Seo in order to prevent the possibility of loss as much as the jeonse was paid in the Guri city budget.

If the jeonse is extended, Mr. Seo will have to pay for the cheonsei guarantee insurance.

③ The

possibility of

purchasing the current temporary administrative welfare center

is very slim.

Is there any reason for the Guri city to buy the second floor of a privately owned shopping center with a budget?

It will be fun.

When the Inchang-dong Administrative Welfare Center is moved to a new building, it seems that there is no purpose to use the purchased shopping mall.

There is already a cultural center in Inchang-dong, Guri-si, apart from the Administrative Welfare Center (527-37, Inchang-dong).

In addition, in order to trade in Guri-si, the jeonse amount of 3.59 billion won must be given to Seo.

And you have to pay an additional amount equivalent to the selling price.

The Guri City Council was opposed to the previous signing of a charter contract.

It is unlikely that the Guri City Council will agree on a budget to purchase the mall.

④ The

possibility of

changing the use of the current temporary administrative welfare center charter extension or purchase + new building use

is low enough not worth mentioning, but let me explain.

This is the case when Guri City changes the use of the new administrative welfare center.

In addition, the Administrative Welfare Center is now left in the building owned by Mr. Seo.

First, it is necessary to undergo a re-evaluation of local financial investment at the Gyeonggi-do level.

Guri City has previously been examined for local financial investment to build a new administrative welfare center.

Even now, implementation design is in progress to build an administrative welfare center.

But if you want to use it for a purpose other than the Administrative Welfare Center, will Gyeonggi-do gently allow it?

Guri City ignores Gyeonggi Province and Provincial Governor Lee Jae-myeong.

You must also obtain the consent of the residents of Inchang-dong.

Residents of Inchang-dong are looking forward to the administrative welfare center of the new building.

The population of Inchang-dong is over 20,000.

This is not something that Guri can decide with a survey of hundreds of residents of Inchang-dong.

● jeon tax of 3.59 billion won, blood tax for Guri citizens The jeon tax

is not personal money in the Guri market.

This is the Guri city budget.

This is a tax paid by the citizens of Guri.

There should be no waste.

Strict standards must be applied.

SBS reporters pointed out the inconsistency of Guri in the process of relocating the Inchang-dong Administrative Welfare Center.

The transfer process is not common sense, and the charter fee is also considered expensive.

At that time, before the Administrative Welfare Center, not only Guri Mayor An Seungnam, but also many public officials were involved.

In 2019, he was the head of the Guri City Autonomous Administration, the Guri City Accounting Manager, and the Guri City Accounting Department Property Management Team Manager.

If the temporary relocation of the Administrative Welfare Center has caused a loss to the Guri city budget, you will have to take responsibility for it.