The Korean Medical Association is opposing the amendment to the medical law, pretending that it will not be suspicious of the corona vaccination.

However, as public opinion became colder in response to such a tough response by the medical council, the medical council decided to try to talk with the ruling party of the government by adjusting the water level.

Reporter Kim Hyung-rae reports.

<Reporter> The

government's amendment to the medical law allows the license to be revoked for doctors who were sentenced to imprisonment or higher.

The backlash from doctors was fierce.

[Max House/President of the Korean Medical Association (Youtube of the Korean Medical Association): For all crimes including traffic accidents, the license was made to be revoked when sentenced to more than a safe.

That's why we call it the license extortion law.] The

government pointed out that the argument of the medical association Chairman Max Jib was a misunderstanding.

It is explained that in most cases of traffic accidents, it is difficult to become a license cancellation crime as most of them are fined, and negligence and lethality in business are excluded from the license cancellation.

The Korean Medical Association decided to attempt an undercover dialogue with the National Assembly and deliver a revised opinion.

It is known that there are about 10 types of crimes that revoke a doctor's license, specify the bill, and require the medical community to decide whether or not to cancel the license.

The government and the ruling party have again emphasized a tough response policy to some doctors' comments on the general strike.

There are criticisms that the public health is being held as a hostage in order to achieve collective interests in the coronavirus phase.

In August and September of last year, even when the second epidemic spread, the medical association held three general strikes against the increase in the number of medical schools and the establishment of public medical schools.