Today (23rd), the number of newly confirmed coronaviruses is expected to be 300, following yesterday.

Although it is decreasing compared to what has increased significantly over the Lunar New Year holiday, warnings about re-proliferation are still coming out here and there.

The first news, reporter Won Jong-jin reports.


Immediately after the Lunar New Year holiday, the number of confirmed cases, which exceeded 600, fell to 300, but the number of tests on weekends decreased to less than half of weekdays.

The average number of confirmed cases per day, which was only 382 before the Lunar New Year holiday, jumped to 482, an increase of 100 after the holiday.

The infection reproduction index, which means how many people infected by one confirmed patient, was 1.12, the highest since the last week of December, when the average confirmed number exceeded 900. % Went up to 1.28% in two weeks.

[Jeongeungyeong / Disease Management Commissioner: Crab fact that a major concern for the suspect that third trend is the decline was the rise again;

but last night until 9:00 296 confirmed self gotta aggregation second day 300 Ming is expected, Defense Authorities are concerned about easing distance and re-proliferation due to increased travel volume during the Lunar New Year holidays.

In Gimpo, Gyeonggi-do, 13 people, including 10 family members, were infected, and confirmed cases continue to appear in existing group infections, such as the Soonchunhyang University Hospital in Seoul and the plastic factory in Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province.

Nine more people were infected with the mutant virus, of which three were local infections among foreigners living in Korea.

The government is going to look at the current situation and decide on a distancing adjustment that will be applied from next month around this weekend.