● Report the leak 25 minutes later, and whether you missed the “Golden Time”, you

should also point out the report time.

According to data from the National Police Agency, which was submitted by Congressman Eun-mi Kang of the Justice Party, the time of the chemical leakage accident was 1:55 pm.

The 119 report was about 14:20, so it took about 25 minutes to report.

LG Display responded to SBS's inquiries about the situation after the accident, "Immediately after the accident, first aid was taken to the victim, and it was urgently transferred to an adjacent hospital through 119 paramedics, shutting off the valve at the accident site, and taking measures to prevent secondary damage from emergency exhaust. After the accident, we responded promptly according to the manual and prevented the spread of damage.”

However, the explanations of the supplier's officials heard by the reporters are somewhat different.

Five to six workers at the accident site, including partner companies Choi and Lee, cleaned the leaked 500L of TMAH.

It is said that there was a safety manager from LG Display or a site supervisor called the equipment group at the site.

Nevertheless, it seems that Choi and Lee, who put TMAH all over their bodies, had been cleaning the leaked chemicals by themselves using an adsorption cloth for a while.

Even if Mr. Choi and Mr. Lee did not know exactly what chemical substances were on their bodies, the accident manual ``immediately clean and evacuate'' was not properly followed.

Eventually, Choi collapsed in front of the elevator on the 3rd floor, not on the 5th floor of the accident, wearing a full-body protective suit that was not worn at the time of work. (Someone seems to have handed Choi to wear a full-body protective suit right after the accident.) Mr. Lee was found fallen while trying to wash TMAH from his whole body in a washing facility next to the leak site.

An emergency medical technician from LG Display took first aid, but as a result, Choi and Lee were unconscious for the 40th day.

This is why it is pointed out that'Golden Time' has been missed for one reason or another.

● Expectations for

the First Industrial Accident Hearing At today's National Assembly hearing, called the'Industrial Accident Hearing'


the first time ever, ▲ Hyundai E&C ▲ GS E&C ▲ POSCO E&C ▲ Coupang ▲ Lotte Courier ▲ CJ Logistics ▲ LG Display ▲ Hyundai Heavy Industries ▲ POSCO, etc. Heads of dog companies attend.

There is also a lot of concern that the heads of companies will be summoned and the members of the National Assembly will end up in a'shout show'.

There is also a complaining of'I need to lie flat or not.

However, in order to reduce industrial accidents even a little this year ahead of the enactment of the Act on Severe Accidents in early next year, it is also true that companies are expected to recognize responsibility for accidents and see concrete measures to prevent recurrence.

Unlike other companies, LG Display, which has no fatal accidents, would be disappointed to stand here together.

Also, whether the accident on January 13 can be called an industrial accident is still in need of further investigation.

However, according to the purpose of the revised Occupational Safety and Health Act (enforced in January 20th), which expanded the scope of responsibility for safety and health measures of the principal employer, it is true that LG Display, the principal applicant, was not free from the subject of responsibility.

SBS reporters sent an inquiry to LG Display when reporting on the incident on February 8.

On this day, 

LG Display, unlike the general reporting response of large domestic companies to suspicious industrial accidents, was exceptionally unusual, and the company executives explained the accidents in front of SBS cameras.

 In particular, I expressed my apology to the victims and their families.

With the hope that the words spoken in the interviews with LG Display executives will come true, we will instead convey the contents of the interviews that were not covered by the 8 o'clock news in terms of time and in video and text below.

# Jae-Hoon Yang, Vice President of LG Display (February 8th)

"LG Display feels very keenly responsible for the loss of life due to an accident in Paju on January 13th, and we take care of the feelings of the victims' families and solve them well I will try to do it."

"We are very interested in the outsourcing of dangerous work, but our company is planning to take this opportunity to receive a detailed diagnosis through an externally verified institution globally."

"In addition, we will form a committee including suppliers to present solutions for the results of the detailed diagnosis. In addition, we will create and present fundamental and reinforced solutions for employees of suppliers exposed to dangerous work."

"At the same time, we will reinforce and reinforce the status and scale of the organization related to safety and environment at the same time. We will prepare specialized safety training including not only our employees but also our partners' employees so that the same safety awareness as our company can be raised. ."

"Once again, I would like to sincerely apologize once again to the family members and employees of partner companies who have suffered this damage anyway. 

▶[Interview file①] 2 workers from unconscious business partners on the 40th day…

Was the valve open?

▶ [Reporting file③] Based on chemical substances that have been intact for 19 years…

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