Residents in the area where the forest fire struck last night were shocked and forced to evacuate and sleep at night.

Reporter Jung Joon-ho is out at the scene of the forest fire in Andong, Gyeongsangbuk-do, to see if anyone has been injured and how far the fire has gone out.

Let’s connect with reporter Jung and hear more details.

Reporter Jung, have you caught some wildfires right now?


I am at the forest fire site in Andong, Gyeongbuk.

The fire is burning along the mountain ridge, but it did not expand further overnight.

On the night of the 21st, the fire department and the Forest Service estimated the extinguishing rate to be about 30%, but from the evening the wind has faded and the extinguishing rate is believed to have increased due to steady extinguishing work.

Authorities estimate that about 200㏊ of forest has been lost so far, and focused on not causing human damage during nighttime situations.

By deploying fire trucks near the village, we focused on eliminating wildfires while stopping the spread of fires.

The fire department plans to catch my fire in the morning by putting in about 20 helicopters at around 7 am, a little later.


Reporter Jung, I think I heard a lot of stories after meeting residents who evacuated overnight, but you were worried a lot during the night, right?


Residents had to bend over the news of a sudden fire.

In particular, some residents had to stay awake all night while evacuating to village halls.

Let's listen to the stories of the villagers.

[Park Wang-gi/Sawol-ri, Im Dong-myeon, Andong: It was about 5 o'clock at that time, and the fire came up behind the fire truck.

Like some kind of bomb exploding.

It burst.

I am worried and will die.


You have to go (to your house) with your eyes open.] Some

350 residents of Jungpyeong-ri village escaped from the flames, distant relatives and acquaintances, and village halls.

About 100 residents of nearby Sawol-ri village also evacuated to a nearby campsite last night as the fire spread.

Route 34, which was controlled, is now accessible, but access to the villages of Jungpyeong-ri and Sawol-ri, where there is a risk of fire, are still restricted.