Amid the recent stock investment craze, new financial scams are appearing like a rush.

In particular, the scam that induces investment by posting fake reviews that it makes up to 10 times more profitable on social media is rising.

The moment you download and deposit a stock investment, lotto algorithm, or online casino investment program after reading the reviews, you are caught in a scam trap.

Housewife Park Mo received a follow request from an SNS in the name of'OO Mom'.

'OO Mom', who introduced as a mother who raises children, recently entrusted the money to a company that makes a proxy bet at an online casino and recommended an investment, saying that it made a huge profit.

Just in case, Park deposited 500,000 won and generated profits afterwards.

But expectations soon turned to despair.

When I tried to withdraw the proceeds, I demanded an additional deposit on the basis of this or that, and in the end, it was over 40 million won.

My aunt in her 40s joined the site after seeing a review that she made money at a real estate café.

It was a place that offered futures investment.

However, after downloading the guided investment program, I made 80 million won in investment in just three days.

In addition, there are housewives who have downloaded a fake stock trading program to rip off their investments, or downloaded a lottery algorithm program and have spent over 50 million won.

All investment-related programs were fake, and most of the server addresses were overseas, making it difficult to catch fraudsters.

The bigger problem is that a car name account or a car name phone is created and even secondary damage is caused.

The fraudulent gang abused the fact that it was possible to open a'cheap phone' or an account without face-to-face to induce the victims to send ID cards and copies of their bankbooks. I used it as a window to receive deposits.

The victims became involved in the fraud without their knowledge.

In this week's <News Story>, I would like to meet the victims of new social media financial scams, mainly targeting women and housewives, and shed light on how they suffered damage and how to prevent it.

Director Park Byung-il / Video coverage Joo Yong-jin / Composition Kim Young-hee / Coverage assistant Noh Ha-yeon