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Cheongju, Chungbuk, an elderly man was hit by a vehicle turning left while crossing a crosswalk.

As I walked slowly, it turned red when I went about halfway, but the driver escaped punishment and the victims' families are protesting.

This is CJB reporter Jin Ki-hoon.

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elderly man crossing the crosswalk.

Due to the slow pace, the pedestrian signal was cut off, and the car turning left hits the elderly without even halfway.

The elder was shocked and rolled on the road, but the driver was not subjected to criminal penalties.

This is because when the signal changes, the crosswalk is regarded as a general road, and the driver is punished only in the event of a fatal or quadriplegia serious injury.

[Han Moon-cheol/Attorney: If the pedestrian signal of a crosswalk turns red, it is not a crosswalk because the character of the crosswalk is lost.

If a pedestrian is killed or seriously injured, it is subject to punishment, but if it is not, there is no right to prosecute…]

However, the elderly families who obtained the car black box at the time of the accident found a startling situation.

He found out that he was driving with frost on the windshield so that it was difficult to tell.

[Baktaeseon / victims' families: because it was part of him, if not only the castle in front of which was the visibility, I have accidents thinks natdago because the idle thoughts of the driver]

reporters have I Come to the measure to the scene green signal length is 28 seconds, It is tailored to the general people's gait.

Most of the elderly with limited mobility cannot cross over on time and the signal changes in the middle.

[Shin Heon-muk / Naedok-dong, Cheongju: (Like me) People who are okay walking are okay, but the signal is short for people with disabilities. It's dangerous.]

There seems to be a need for measures to ensure the safety of the vulnerable, such as providing waiting areas such as pedestrian islands in the middle of the crosswalk.