Last month, we reported suspicion that Ahn Seung-nam, Mayor of Guri, had mingled with the construction company executives who participated there before a large bidding, and that an aide was hired by an affiliated organization.

Since then, there have been many reports from us.

At the affiliated agency, where there was suspicion of fraudulent hiring, documents were shredded in large quantities immediately after our report, and there was also a situation that aides from the mayor of Ahn had urgently changed cell phones.

Today (18th), I will give you the contents that must be pointed out among these reports.

About a year and a half ago, Guri City relocated the Administrative Welfare Center, and the process and the location where it was moved are unclear.

Reporters Han Seong-hee and Park Chan-beom reported together.

<Reporter Han Sung-hee> This

is the site where the Administrative Welfare Center was located in Inchang-dong, Guri-si until the beginning of last year.

For the second year, the door has been closed tightly and is wickedly empty.

In 2019, the city of Guri will quickly relocate the administrative center to the second floor of a nearby commercial building, saying that the existing building is old.

I spent 3.59 billion won in jeon tax alone.

[An Seungnam/Guri Mayor (December 2018): There is a lot of leakage and there is a risk of electricity.

Due to various difficulties...


However, the basic administrative process was ignored in the previous process.

It was temporarily moved to rebuild the existing administrative center, but at the time, there was no safety diagnosis that the building was aging.

[Jin-Ho Jang/Chairman Guri (November 2018): It's been 30 years now, but the building is actually fine.

But why do I have to lease the ○○ building and move so much?]

To build a new applicant with a large amount of money,

I had to go through

the local financial investment examination of Gyeonggi Province, a superior institution, but I skipped this procedure and took it later.

[Gyeonggi Provincial Office official: Actually, this hasn't even passed, but you can't sign a contract from the temporary government building, right?] As a

result, even though a year and a half have passed, the applicant has not even started construction.

There is another problem.

It is said that the rent for the temporary administrative center is too expensive.

I decided to use a part of the second floor of the shopping mall and paid 3.59 billion won, but it is pointed out that the price is absurd.

<Reporter Park Chan-beom> The 

reporters investigated what the jeon tax paid by Guri City was.

At the time of the transaction, it was confirmed that the valuation was selected by an accredited financial institution, that is, the jeon tax was set at more than 90% of the price when buying or selling.

[Real estate developer: (Officetel charter price) is usually negotiated at half of the sale price or sale price, but it rarely goes beyond that.]

Therefore, the city council continued to criticize it.

[Kim Kwang-su/Chairman Guri (February 2019): Don't pay each other's store If you put a deposit and pay rent, you don't have to pay each other.

? Yeah]

[Kim, Hung - Soo / Guri Rep. (November 2018): Do dongjangnim also not so For example, let's mayor so, this (please say) let a little difficult for this reason]

Guri borrowed giving 3.59 billion won Inchang-dong Administrative Welfare Center.

Most of the second floor of the shopping mall is jointly owned by Mr. Seo.

Seo is a real estate developer who built the building and also owns a leading newspaper company in Guri.

We also have a relationship with An Seungnam Guri Market.

[Mr. Seo/Owner of the building: It's just a neighborhood, so you can talk like an older brother.

(Mayor Ahn Seung-nam) said something to me as the chairman, then he said he was the elder brother.]

Soon after receiving a deposit of 3 billion won from Guri City, Seo built a building by auctioning off other local land.

[Kim Gyeong-ryul/Accountant: Public institutions and local governments do this audit, but this is likely to be very serious, but in reality, the city of Guri has lent 3,59 billion won...


Guri-si and Mayor Ahn Seung-nam did not respond to reporters' questions asking about the allegations.

A civic group in Guri has accused Mayor Ahn of losing money to the city's finances through an unfair charter contract.

(Video coverage: Seung-Hwan Lee, Woong Choi, Ha-Ryung, Video editing: Seon-Hwan Park, Ki-Duk Park, CG: Yura Kang, VJ: Jong-gap Kim, Jun-young Lee)