Chairman Kim Bong-jin, who founded the No. 1 delivery app in Korea, announced that he would donate about 500 billion won, half of his fortune.

It is in contrast to the way chaebol companies have tried to hand over their property through illegal and trickery.

Chairman Kim Bong-jin also said that the value of sharing wealth shines even more.

This is Han Sang-woo.


A picture of the elite brothers, Chairman Kim Bong-jin, has been uploaded among world-renowned greats such as the world-renowned donation club'The Giving Pledge', Chairman Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway and Microsoft Bill Gates.

Chairman Kim Bong-jin, who became the world's 219th and first Korean member, promised "to give back more than half of our assets to society."

He added that the reason he achieved his wealth today, who had a difficult family situation, "is difficult to explain except that he was lucky and blessed by God."

Chairman Kim's wealth is known to be over 1 trillion won, and the amount of donation is expected to be over 500 billion won depending on the value of the stock held.

[Sung-Jun Heo/Elegant Brothers Public Relations Team Leader: I know that they have decided to give back more to practice their usual beliefs, such as solving the problem of educational inequality.]

Following the Chairman of the Kakao Board of Directors Kim Beom-soo, who promised to donate more than 5 trillion won recently A large donation continues.

This is different from the past practice of donating money, not personal property, as a means of'atonement'.

[Park Joo-geun/CEO of CEO Score: Donating 50% of (property) basically has the implication of not taking over the management right, and since it has the meaning of sharing it socially, it is difficult to see it as a calculation method for a platform company or a monopoly company. I think there is an unreasonable

problem.] I am interested in whether it will change the hereditary concept of chaebol companies that are recognized as the inheritance of wealth.

(Video coverage: Cho Chun-dong, Video editing: Lee Seung-yeol)