Another unfortunate fatal accident occurred at the industrial site.

A worker in her 50s who was working for a steel company was caught working on a steel coil that weighed more than 6 tons.

It is known that he was working alone, but reporter Song Sung-joon reports in detail.

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colleague struggles to get a man caught between a large steel coil.

Yesterday (16th) around 5 pm, a report was received that a jamming accident occurred in the raw material parts warehouse of the Dongkuk Steel's Busan Plant.

At the time of the accident, a worker in her 50s was in the process of unwrapping over 6 tons of steel coils carried by a crane.

But another coil from the crane came up and hit the worker.

Colleagues rescued and moved to the hospital immediately, but died.

The worker who died at the time of discovery had a crane remote control on his neck.

It is presumed that the crane was operated by himself to move the coil and dismantle the wrapping paper.

Police and the Labor Department are checking why the crane worked and that there were no safety violations in the process.

[Busan Regional Labor Office Officials: A work plan is prepared, a work directive is designated in the contents of the work plan, and the work is directed by the director.

We are investigating the plan now.]

Dongkuk Steel said that there are no two-person, one-person rules for the work of the dead worker.

At Dongkuk Steel, in January of last year, there were 5 safety accidents in the last 3 years, including an employee of an outsourcing company being stuck in a machine, killing 4 people and injuring 2 seriously.

In this regard, Dongkuk Steel was scheduled to unveil its investment plan for the prevention of safety accidents tomorrow.

(Video coverage: Kyungmoon Jung)