The United States wants a fleet of autonomous fighter




The US Department of Defense invests in autonomous weaponry.

He instructed DARPA, the national agency in charge of research and development of military projects, to work on a new concept of autonomous fighter aircraft that would eventually replace conventional fighter planes.

As DARPA specifies, there is no question of delivering a simple combat drone.

The prototype that will be created must be able to engage in combat against moving targets and aerial targets.

Avoid human losses

American Defense thus intends to reduce the risks of suffering losses on the battlefield in potential conflicts by replacing pilots with machines.

The Longshot program is not, however, intended to completely replace the strength of the army since the autonomous jets will be used in vanguard for close combat in the air and will be followed by jets which will be piloted by US personnel. Navy.

Three companies have already been selected by DARPA for the creation of a prototype.

They are Northrop Grumman, General Atomics and Lockheed Martin.

Phase 1 will be more theoretical than practical with the design of a prototype.

Phase 2 already provides for field tests of an autonomous military aircraft capable of engaging in combat in the air.


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High Tech

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