Chrome: a security flaw actively exploited by hackers -


The Mountain View firm has just released a new update for its web browser, Chrome.

This is particularly important since it fills a vulnerability actively exploited by hackers.

The security flaw in question is located in the JavaScript engine V8 of version 88 of Chrome and consists of a “heap overflow” memory corruption bug in the engine, the Mountain View firm said without further details.

An urgent update

We can imagine that Google prefers to keep the details of this flaw actively exploited by hackers secret to prevent other malicious people from taking advantage of it.

The US giant should certainly share more details once the majority of Chrome users have installed the patch.

To avoid this flaw, you have to go to the Internet browser, and click on the three small dots at the top right, "Help" option, then "About Google" and install the update 88.0.4324.150.

The download of the new version should logically start automatically, but you can do it manually.

After which, you must restart your web browser.

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