Six additional people have been confirmed to be infected with the mutant virus, which is known to have a stronger spread than the existing Corona 19.

The Central Defense Response Headquarters said, "As a result of analyzing 65 samples, including 34 domestic and 31 overseas inflows, mutant viruses were detected in 6 overseas inflows."

All six newly identified are Koreans and are infected with a mutant virus from the UK.

The countries they departed from are 4 Ghana, 1 each in Poland and the United Arab Emirates.

Of these, five were tested positive during the entry quarantine process, and the other one was exempted from quarantine, and was confirmed by an examination conducted after entry.

The quarantine countermeasures headquarters reported that there have been no cases of being infected with the mutant virus, according to the results of the investigation of people who have come into contact with them.

As 6 additional people were discovered this time, a total of 94 people were infected with the mutant virus confirmed in Korea.

Of these, 75 people were infected with mutations from the UK, 13 were infected from South Africa, and 6 were infected from Brazil.

(Photo = Yonhap News)