The device, which will mainly be used to study the functioning of quantum computers, will cost nearly 4,000 euros.


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A Chinese start-up has just unveiled the very first quantum desktop computer.

Called Gemini, this computer will be marketed at a price of 5,000 dollars (a little over 4,000 euros), which is much more expensive than a more traditional office machine, reports

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Chinese start-up SpinQ, based in Shenzhen, https: //

- DIJOUX (@ LO974) February 10, 2021

The objective of SpinQ, the start-up behind this project, is to sell it to certain schools or universities rather than to individuals or companies.

It is also important to point out that Gemini will not be able to compete with other quantum computers developed by companies such as IBM or Google, which cost several million dollars.

A minimalist quantum computer

Quantum computers benefit from much higher computing power than conventional computers.

However, the machine did not integrate all of SpinQ's quantum computer technologies.

It will therefore always be less powerful than a conventional powerful PC.

The purpose of this machine is therefore to learn more about how quantum computers work.

These will certainly have to replace our current computers in the coming years.

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