Twitter may be introducing a feature this year that allows users to receive tips and payments from their followers, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said Wednesday.

Twitter has been considering introducing such a feature for some time, but the plans are now becoming more concrete.

According to Dorsey, payment options would help the social media platform make more money and engage more with its 192 million daily users.

"I think the first thing we want to focus on is the economic boost for people who contribute to Twitter," he said at a conference.

Introducing user tips and new features such as subscriptions would allow the company to diversify its revenue.

Currently, Twitter mainly makes money from advertising sales.

It is not entirely clear when Twitter wants to realize the function.

The company is currently investigating what the payment options should look like.

Dorsey said he did not assume that the subscriptions would only affect the company's revenue next year.

Twitter also announced last month that it acquired the Dutch newsletter maker Revue.

The company hopes that it will attract users who want to create longer content.