Epic Games presented the browser program MetaHuman Creator on Wednesday.

Users can thus create realistic digital faces within an hour.

The program runs in the cloud and works in a web browser.

With the MetaHuman Creator, realistic faces of digital characters can be generated within an hour.

According to Epic Games, that normally takes weeks or months.

Epic Games is the developer of




and creator of the Unreal Engine, a game developer platform.

Characters created with the MetaHuman Creator can be used in games with the Unreal Engine.

The characters can also be used in films and series.

A demo video shows how the realistic faces are put together.

The hairstyle, age and position of a character's eyes can be adjusted, among other things.

You can also choose different clothing styles and body types.

The 'MetaHumans' can then also move in a realistic, human way.

The software is not yet completely ready for use.

Epic will release the program as a developer test version in the coming months.


MetaHuman Creator: High-Fidelity Digital Humans Made Easy |

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