Super Mario World -


Released in 1990 for Super Nintendo,

Super Mario World

is considered a pioneer in the world of video games.




, its iconic soundtrack has just been given a facelift, thanks to the mobilization of Internet users.

Thanks to a breakthrough I had, regarding the Gigaleak, we were able to find proper names for many instruments for Super Mario World, which lead to some friends finding the source for those samples.

With these source samples, they are now restoring the OST for Super Mario World.

- The Brickster (@lebrickster) January 31, 2021

Last July, the Japanese publisher Nintendo was the victim of a large-scale data breach, nicknamed Gigaleak.

This leak contained valuable information for fans of video games, such as trade secrets, never-before-seen visuals of iconic characters or sketches of failed projects.

Improved quality

By rummaging through the thousands of files, a user also found the source code of

Super Mario Advance

, released 20 years ago on Game Boy Advance.

However, this game precisely reused the music of

Super Mario World


Clarinet, flute, guitar… All the scores of the instruments used were accessible in one click.

It was then enough to replay them to obtain a new version of the original soundtrack, much more modern.

The 25 songs have been posted on YouTube, so that enthusiasts can enjoy this unique restoration.

The difference between the new Swimming Yoshi theme and the old one is striking.

Other projects of this type should soon see the light of day, the Gigaleak has not yet revealed all its secrets.

In particular, a restoration of the

Mario Paint


has just been published.


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