• Google Chrome update now lets you block cookies and tells you if your password has been hacked

  • Chrome Google warns of a serious security flaw

The new

Chrome 88

browser update

shared by Google fixes a zero-day vulnerability that was being exploited by cyber attackers.

Google has released

version 88.0.4324.150

of the Chrome browser for Windows, Mac and Linux, in which a

zero-day vulnerability

is corrected

, a flaw in software security that is unknown to users and manufacturers of the product.

This zero-day vulnerability was described as a "stack overflow" memory corruption bug in the

V8 engine for JavaScript


The threat is that, until a patch is designed to fix it, cyber attackers exploit the vulnerability and take advantage of the security flaw by attacking computer programs, data, systems or other equipment.

In a statement, Google explained that the software bug was exploited in various attacks before a security researcher, Mattias Buelens, reported the problem on January 24 and it was tracked as



Two days after Buelens' report, Google's security team released a statement on attacks carried out by

North Korean hackers

against the cybersecurity community.

Some of these attacks consisted of luring security researchers to a blog where cyber attackers took advantage of Chrome's zero-day vulnerability to run malware on their systems.

Due to the proximity of both events, as reported by ZDNet, some researchers believe that CVE-2021-21148 was used in those attacks, but Google has not disclosed any details about how the vulnerability has been exploited.

Users are advised to use Chrome 88's built-in update feature to

update their browser to the latest version as soon as possible


This can be done in the Chrome menu, the 'Help' option and in the 'About Google Chrome' section.

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