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Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the Minister of Justice, and the Prosecutor General, the heads of the legal profession today (8th) had a very uncomfortable day.

Supreme Court Chief Kim Myung-soo, who was criticized for making false explanations, was under pressure to resign from inside and outside, and Secretary Park Beom-gye and President Yoon Seok-yeol are again intensifying the conflict over the announcement of the prosecutor's executives announced yesterday.

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way to work, Chief Justice Kim Myung-soo, with a stubborn expression, goes into the building like a rush without responding to the reporters' questions.

[Kim Myung-su/President of the Supreme Court: (The controversy over false explanations is growing, are there any additional positions?)…

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criticism that he rejected the judge's appreciation while referring to the politicians was added to the criticism, and the trust fell to the ground overnight.

The opposition leader came to the Supreme Court every day to urge him to resign, and

[Kim Myung-soo to resign!]

Past presidents of the Bar Association also joined.

Even judges continue to post criticisms asking them to express their move through anonymous bulletin boards, which has suffered a significant blow to their role as the head of the judiciary.

The attorney general was busy explaining his way to work.

He said it wasn't, saying that he didn't listen to him even after he had discussed the personnel affairs with the prosecutor general.

[Park Beom-gye/Minister of Justice: You may think that the president is a little inadequate, but I would like to say that please understand.]

The prosecutor general, who had hoped that the situation would be better than the former minister, was ignored by the new minister, is embarrassing even to reflect on his face.

The Attorney General, who had collapsed in the announcement of the minister's surprise attack, was again hurt by the Attorney General's clarification that he reflected the opinion of the President, and repeated "Huh~Cham" again today.

District Prosecutor Lee Seong-yoon, who secured the position of Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office, seems relaxed, but the situation is not so.

This is because the control of the organization was remarkably reduced while the trust of the prosecutors under his command was lost.

It is expected that the greatest concern will be whether we can change water from middle executive personnel to prosecutors who are suitable for them.

(Video coverage: Seo Jinho, Video editing: Wonhee Won)