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stock price of Hyundai Motor Company, which surged on the news of discussions on the development of autonomous vehicles with Apple, fell sharply today (8th).

It was an official position that Hyundai Motor Company was not conducting consultations, but reporter Lee Seong-hoon pointed out the background of the temporary suspension of discussions.

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was a media report on the 8th of last month that Hyundai Motor Company and Apple are discussing the development of an Apple car.

Hyundai Motor Company said that in fact, there was no decision in the early stages of cooperation.

With expectations alone, HMC and Kia were lumped together, and personal investments alone exceeded KRW 1.8 trillion, and related stock prices surged.

Afterwards, foreign media reports that the negotiations were nearing the final stage, and two days ago, when Bloomberg reported that'the negotiations between the two companies were recently stopped, an abnormal current was detected.

Apple, which values ​​confidentiality, felt burdened when the theory of cooperation became visible.

Hyundai Motor Company re-announced today, "We are not in consultation with Apple on the development of autonomous vehicles."

[Yihanggu / Korea Automotive Research Fellow: Negotiations will be progressed secretly'll it did feel let a great embarrassment to Apple hanging dwaetdaneun some of the public can report that the results were a bit of newness occurred]

, the industry likely to tumble Contractors Hyundai Motor's internal skepticism about the issue is also seen as a major reason for the suspension of negotiations.

However, some analyzes show that there is still room for cooperation in the electric vehicle sector, excluding autonomous driving.

[Jinwoo Kim / Korea Securities Research Institute: It is called disclosure statements due to undergo several review course yigoyo situation inevitably to a reasonable suspicion of "Why EVs is to disconnect wonder ']

while expectations for the mutual cooperation kkeokyi Kia shares It fell close to 15%, and the Hyundai Motor Group's market capitalization decreased by 13 trillion won in one day.

(Video editing: Seungyeol Lee)