Yesterday (on the 3rd), 451 new corona19 confirmed cases were added, surpassing 400 for two consecutive days.

In particular, cases of group infection with mutant virus were reported, and the government reported that foreigners in self-quarantine contacted outsiders and spread the virus, and began to prepare countermeasures.

This is reporter Ahn Sang-woo.


Among the 451 new confirmed cases, 429 cases were infected in Korea.

By region, 337 people were concentrated in metropolitan areas such as Seoul, Gyeonggi and Incheon, and 92 people were infected in non-metropolitan areas such as Busan, Chungnam and Gwangju.

On the second day, as the number of new confirmed cases exceeded 400, and a case of a mutant virus, which has a stronger infectivity than the existing virus, spread to the local community, an emergency took place.

Earlier, at the end of last year, even relatives who do not live with foreigners who lived with foreigners from the UAE were infected with the mutant virus from the UK.

[Sae-Kyun Jeong/Prime Minister: It would be an urgent priority to preemptively block the widespread spread to local communities.

Please check again whether there are gaps in the self-isolation process of immigrants, and take supplementary measures.]

The number of deaths infected with Corona 19 increased by 7 a day yesterday, and 1,448 people have died so far.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety is scheduled to open the Central Pharmacy Review Committee this afternoon to collect and disclose expert opinions on the use of AstraZeneca vaccine for the elderly.