Woo Byeong-woo, former chief of the Blue House, who was handed over to the trial for aiding the Gukjeong Nongdan and illegal inspection, was sentenced to imprisonment at the appeal trial.

Today (4th), the second criminal division of the Seoul High Court (Director Judge Ham Sang-hoon, Kim Min-ki and Ha Tae-han) sentenced former chief Woo Woo, who was charged with abuse of authority, to one year in prison.

Earlier, the first trial sentenced former chief Woo to 2 years and 6 months in prison, 1 year and 6 months, for a total of 4 years, on charges of aiding Gukjeong Nongdan and illegal inspection of former special inspector Lee Seok-soo.

The second trial convicted of two out of 18 crimes indicted, acknowledging that he was not guilty of allegations of aiding the Gukjeong Nongdan and guilty of some charges related to illegal inspection.

Right after the sentence was sentenced, former chief Woo met with reporters and said, "The special prosecutors and prosecutors made all the contents of my sincere assistance to the president into a crime," and "I wonder why it was so overkill."

He said, "I regret the judgment of the judges on the facts or the jurisprudence (for the guilty part), and of course I will go to the Supreme Court to appeal."

Let’s watch the video together.

(Composition: Hwiran Kim, Filming: Jinho Seo, Editing: Heeju Cha)